17 Things Your Agent Does For You When Under Contract

Dated: July 10 2023

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This blog post is a part of a series where we share Kent Rodahaver's "186 Things Your Real Estate Agent Does For You".

Tracking the Loan Process

  1. Confirm verifications of deposit & Buyer’s employment have been returned

  2. Follow loan processing through to the underwriter

  3. Add lenders and other vendors to your management program

  4. Contact the lender weekly to ensure processing is on track

  5. Relay final approval of the Buyer’s loan application to the seller

Home Inspection

  1. Coordinate Buyer’s professional home inspection results with Seller

  2. Review the home inspector’s report *when possible

  3. Enter completion into the transaction management tracking software program

  4. Explain the Seller’s responsibilities with respect to loan limits

  5. Ensure Seller’s compliance with any Home Inspection repair requests or requirements

  6. Assist the seller with identifying trustworthy contractors to perform any required repairs

  7. Negotiate payment and oversee completion of all required repairs on Seller’s behalf

The Appraisal

  1. Schedule appraisal

  2. Provide comparable sales used in market pricing to Appraiser

  3. Follow-up on appraisal

  4. Enter completion into a transaction management program

  5. Assist the Seller in understanding the appraisal report

Next is the closing process.

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